Delayed orders

First of all - sorry.

OSEQ SAFE Sheets become quite popular and we are very proud of that - and we want to thank you. Unfortunately higher demand means high requirements in the production line as well. And that is where our problems come from these days. 

What happened:

During winter we started to encounter some inconsistency of quality of our products. We tried very hard to eliminate it on side of our suppliers, but it was simply not happening. Our suppliers did not care about our requirements as we were obsessed with the quality. They said we should be OK with what we have. But that is not how OSEQ works. And we were not happy about it at all. Those of you who already have our sheets do know what quality we offer. And we want to offer even better quality for the future. We have very high standards of both visual and performance factors of our products and we simply do not want to sell crap. 

So one major decision was made - to stop this bad production and we started to look for other places, other suppliers. This took us some time and it was quite hard work. But it seemed we found a solution. But back then we unfortunately did not. 

What is happening now:

Another major decision was made - to build our own production line. Production line where we can control the quality of each product at the highest level to meet our strict quality criteria. But at that time the Ukraine war started which did not help us either with the rising prices and parts availability issues. However, to our brothers, Slava Ukraini!

Now it is June. We know has been terribly long waiting. And we are very grateful to those who wait with us - and there is a lot of you! Now the production line is almost finished and the production should start very soon. Yes - we said this few times before. But now it is really close to close the circle. Still, we are a small company and each step is hard. Still, we do not know the exact date, so please do not ask us that question. It should be a matter of a few weeks. 

We hope you can understand this and wait with us. We will deliver what we promised, it will just take a little bit longer. Again, we are very sad about that. 

If you have any questions, please message us at and we will happily reply. 

Thank you,

OSEQ team.