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Strong magnetic sticker for 250x250 heatbed

by: Schallenkammer

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High-temperature magnetic sticker for 250x250mm heatbed. Strong magnetic force to keep the print sheet leveled. And very strong sticker adhesives hold the magnetic sheet connected to the print bed. Great upgrade of your current magnetic sticker. And if you do not have magnetic bed now, with this magnetic sticker you can have it in seconds.

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High temperatures

Unlike other, cheap magnetic pads that support a maximum of 80°C, this pad performs at temperatures of more than 120°C without magnetic degradation. Which is great for printing with PETG and other materials with high heatbed temperatures. 

The pad has a great heat transfer.

Easy instal

- The pad is preinstalled with a sticker so all you have to do is stick it to the printer heatbed.

Upgrade from glass to the magnetic bed

Do you have a glass bed but you would like to enjoy the flexibility of OSEQ sheets? Now you can use this magnetic pad to upgrade your printer to magnetic bed. The pad is shipped with a sticker on one side so all you have to do is to stick it to your heatbed. No screws or drilling needed.

Upgrade your magnetic bed

Do you have a magnetic sticker on your bed? Do you suffer from sheet lifting while printing large objects? That means your magnetic sticker is not strong enough.

Our magnetic pad is stronger and works at higher temperatures so you can get rid of one more problem. 

Technical details

GraviFlex® Magnetfolie 200
Thickness: 1,0 mm
Remanence Br: 243-263 mT
Coercivity HcB: 179-203 kA/m
Coercivity HcJ: 211-257 kA/m
Energy product (W×H)max.: 11.1-13.5 kJ/m³
Adhesive strength: approx. 130 g/cm²

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