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  • OSEQ Safe sheet for 235x235 heatbed - OSEQ
  • OSEQ Safe sheet for 235x235 heatbed - OSEQ
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PREORDER - OSEQ Safe sheet 220x220mm

Premium quality double-sided 3D printing plate for 220x220mm heatbed (Anycubic Kobra, Creality Ender 5pro, ANET A8, Artillery Genius, others...).  Velvety smooth premium PEI powder surface for amazing adhesion. Attaches magnetically to the bed. Sheet is flexible. Smart hot surface indicator. Easy oil visibility. If your printer does not have a magnetic bed, check out our magnetic sticker pads. The sheet is exactly 220mm wide and 220mm long. At the front, there is a small handle to make it easy to lift by hand.
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Print surface

- Original ULTEM™ (PEI) powder coated surface, the best you can get

- Long lasting: print surface keeps its properties for years (if you take a good care of it)

- Velvet texture: bottom part of the print is flat and smooth (ideal for glued parts)

- Amazing adhesion for all standard materials including PLA, PETG, ABS, TPE, TPU, PP or PA.

- No need for a glue or an adhesion spray

- Double sided: print from both sides

- Easy oil visibility: see oil or other grease

Hot surface warning

- Red color bar indicates temperatures over 40°C
- Don’t get burned again
- Ideal not only for kids, take care of your hands

Flexible and magnetic

- Thick spring steel: bend the sheet to remove the finished print

- Strong magnetic connection to the heatbed: if your printer has a magnetic bed, the SAFE Sheet just snaps on.

- Does not come with a magnetic pad. Our magnetic pads will be available soon

Quality from the Czech Republic

All our products are made in the Czech republic from materials sourced from the European union.

No import from Asia.

100% TOP Quality guaranteed.

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Shipping and return

- DHL Express: 1-3 business days
- DPD: 1-3business days
- Standard delivery: 4 - 12 days

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing adhesion with original ULTEM™ PEI powder coated surface

The velvet-soft printing surface is coated with an extremely high quality ULTEM™ (PEI) powder, which adheres perfectly to the plate and does not form any bubbles, such as PEI foils on competitor products. But most importantly, our powder has a perfectly fine grain that is, dare we say, the best on the market. On an imaginary scale of smoothness between PEI foil, competing finishes including the renowned satin, our finish is at the top, just behind the PEI foil. So you may be wondering, is the competing PEI film even better? It's not, because it's too smooth and some materials don't stick to it - and more importantly, it tears and peels off the sheet, something our PEI powder finish doesn't do.

ULTEM™ (PEI) powder Velvet surface

We use the original ULTEM™ powder. What does that mean for you? Perfect adhesion of most commonly used materials, extremely easy separation of the print from the sheet when the print is finished, and last but not least, just plain fun! Simply carefree, safe 3D printing. 

You get a very subtle velvet-like texture on the bottom edge of the print.


Flexible spring steel sheet

Once the print sheet has cooled down, you can remove the print without the need for a spatula or force. In the case of very tightly stuck prints, the spring steel allows the plate to be bent without damaging it. The sheet attaches magnetically to the printer, so it is essential that your printer has a magnetic print surface.

The sheet is double-sided, so if you accidentally scratch one side, for example, you can simply flip the sheet over and keep printing.

Oil and dirt, always visible

Our SAFE printing sheets are designed to make 3D printing really easy. One of the foundations of 3D printing success is a well degreased print surface. That's why our printing plates are black. Any grease is perfectly visible on the sheet as a dark contrasting spot, making it clear where the sheet needs more degreasing. This way you can avoid scavenging due to the first layer peeling off.

SAFE hot warning

The SAFE element lets you know if the surface of the plate is hot or cold and therefore safe to touch. This prevents burns and hand injuries. When heated, the entire SAFE element turns red and the text HOT SURFACE is displayed. After cooling down to a safe temperature, the text and the red color almost disappear again. However, they are still slightly visible so that anyone near the printer knows that the surface may get hot.

Although it may not seem like it, even briefly touching a hot surface can be dangerous! Touching a 50°C surface for just a few seconds can cause a 1st degree burn, which is like a light sunburn, and can dry or redden the skin. However, at 60°C this time is reduced to a mere touch. At temperatures of around 80°C and about 30 seconds of touching, a 2nd degree burn can occur! This will manifest itself, for example, in redness and pain at the point of contact and infection can occur. Thanks to the SAFE Sheet, it is not necessary to touch the printing plate, but just watch the SAFE element to see if it is still red.

Print with all standard materials

SAFE Sheet is compatible with the usual range of materials like a PLA, PETG, PETG-HT, ASA, ABS, PC, CPE, PVA/BVOH, PP or FLEX.

Compared, tested, delivered

The best PEI powder print sheet on the market.

If you are looking for a replacement or upgrade of your printes default build plate, look no further.
With OSEQ SAFE Sheet you get the best quality PEI powder surface, very smooth Velvet texture for strong adhesion and a HOT SURFACE indicator. This all delivered on a flexible, thick spring sheet plate for a great magnetic forces to keep to sheet on the bed. You also dont need any other replacement of your heat bed. If your printer has a magnetic bed, you are good to go with SAFE Sheet!

Enjoy your prints :-)

See how the first layer looks below...