Why to pick the OSEQ Sheet

OSEQ Sheets are manufactured in the Czech Republic and all materials are sourced from the EU. This alone is a mark of quality. We take only the best materials we can find to guarantee the best printing experience possible. 

Look at 5 main reasons why to get OSEQ SAFE Sheet for your 3D printer.

1 | Ultra adhesive original ULTEM™ (PEI) powder surface

SAFE Sheet comes with an unmatched velvety smooth surface. Made with the original ULTEM™ powder for the best properties. Giving you brilliant adhesionfor a majority of print materials while the print is super easy to remove once finished. Plus the bottom side of the print gets a really smooth texture.

2 | Flexible spring steel

SAFE Sheet is made out of flexible spring steel which lets you bend it to remove stuck prints without damaging the sheet.

3 | Red means HOT

Our unique SAFE element turns red when the sheet gets warmed up to temperatures of 40°C or more. Don't get hurt anymore. Once the sheet cools down the red color fades away.

4 | See dirty areas

Degreased surface = successful 3D print. Our sheets are black, so any grease is perfectly visible as a dark contrasting spot, making it clear where the sheet needs more cleaning.

5 | For your printer

The goal of OSEQ is to bring an extraordinary quality print sheet to every printer. We start with 3 sizes for Prusa MK3, Prusa MINI, and a more versatile size 235x235mm for printers like Creality Ender 3 pro, BIQU B1 and others. We are constantly growing our family.

Let us know which size you want